Altar Server / Monaguillos

Altar servers have the privilege of assisting the priest in the sanctuary during the Mass and other liturgical functions. Anyone interested in becoming an altar server, who has made his/her First Holy Communion.

3rd Sunday after 12:00 pm Mass

Divine Mercy Group

The message of The Divine Mercy is simple. It is that God loves us – all of us. And, He wants us to recognize that His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon Him with trust, receive His mercy, and let it flow through us to others. Thus, all will come to share His joy.

Viernes a las 3:00 pm
Primer Sábado a las 9:30 am

English Choir Meeting

Choir members, as other church musicians, offer their God-given talents to the faith for a variety of reasons. For most, it is a part of their stewardship – the giving of their “time and talents.” For others, it is something that is enjoyed and for still others, it is a social outlet.

Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

knight of Columbus

Grupo de Oración (Carismáticos)

Prayer groups meet to read the Scriptures and apply it to their daily lives in order to be better Catholic Christians. The meetings consist of praying the Rosary, praise and worship, invocation of the Holy Spirit, Bible readings and reflections, witnessing, and ending with the Lord’s Prayer.

Miércoles comenzando con la Santa Misa 7:00 pm .

Knights of Columbus Meeting

We are Catholic men building a bridge back to faith. There is much good and necessary work to be done in this world, and that’s what Knights do every day.

Active Councils are Successful Councils
Third Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Legión de María

The Legion of Mary is a lay catholic organization whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country.

Martes 5:00 p.m.


MDS—Matrimonio Dialogo y Seguimiento

El Diálogo Matrimonial ayuda a profundizar y enriquecer las experiencias que la pareja comparten juntos en la vida, ya lleven poco o muchos años de casados y está abierto a todas las parejas sin distinción de religión o creencia aunque estamos basados en la Iglesia Católica.

Salón Parroquial – Lunes 7:15 p.m.

Movimiento de Juan XXIII

El Movimiento Juan XXIII es una asociación internacional, de fieles, constituida de acuerdo a los cánones del Derecho Canónico de la Iglesia Católica, e inspirada en los principios que emanaron del Concilio Vaticano II. Nace en Puerto Rico, en la Diócesis de Arecibo, creada bajo el pontificado del Papa Juan XXIII, para ser “un movimiento de evangelización” y trabajar principalmente por aquellos alejados de la Iglesia y marginados, también, de la sociedad.

Martes 7:00 pm

Multicultural Group

Developing a rich heritage of cultural diversity and ethnicity. To build bridges of mutual respect and understand between the Anglo and ethnic-minority communities throughout the parish. To promote and develop a culturally and ethnically diverse community. To address pastoral and spiritual needs as well as promote the full participation in the life of the Church.


Narcoticos Anónimos

It’s natural to be a little intimidated before going to a meeting, but just remember that everyone was once where you are. In fact, Narcotics Anonymous members are all recovering addicts who want to help others recover. You can rest assured that the group will provide a caring, welcoming, nonjudgmental environment.

Tráiler de catequesis – Jueves 7:30PM

Parish Council Meeting / Consejo Parroquial

The Parish Council is the representative body charged with the responsibility of speaking for all parishioners in good standing by advising the Pastor on all parish activities, plans and programs designed to teach, nourish, and propagate our Roman Catholic faith.

First Monday of the Month at 7:00pm
Primer Lunes del Mes a las 7:00 p.m.

Pequeñas Comunidades & V Encuentro

Como ejemplo de las primeras comunidades cristianas en donde se reunían para celebrar la palabra de Dios y para apoyarse mutuamente, el grupo de las pequeñas comunidades cristianas tienen como objetivo reunirse para celebrar y compartir la palabra de Dios y para que puedan apoyarse mutuamente. Las pequeñas comunidades cristianas tienen por objetivo hacer que uno crezca en la y pueda aprender mas sobre nuestra fe católica.

V Encuentro es una oportunidad excelente para expresar la belleza de ser una comunidad de fe. Pueden asistir al encuentro todos los feligreses interesados en ser testigos de esta experiencia.

Jueves a las 7:00 p.m.


Rediscover Catholicism

Rediscover Catholicism will help you see the “genius” of the Catholic faith. Author, Matthew Kelly, encourages readers to see the Catholic faith with “new eyes”. Discussing our faith with others helps us see that we are all part of a wonderful world wide community that has encountered the love of God in every age and every corner of the earth.

Third Wednesday at 12:30 pm

We are Looking for a Leader

Respect Life

Respect Life is a ministry that calls the Catholic Community together to protect and promote the dignity and respect of human life from conception to natural death.

As Christ tells us in the thirteenth chapter of the Gospel of John: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”

Together, with God, prayer, education, community, and activism on a local, state, and national level, we promote and protect human life from conception to natural death – “for nothing is impossible to God” (Luke 1:37).

Youth Group / Ministerio de Jóvenes

When Jesus challenged his most-likely teenaged disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations,” he was tapping into the activist wiring of these young men. In the same way, your teenager needs to be challenged with the mission to reach their peers with the good news of Jesus in a loving and contagious way.

Friday / Viernes 6:00 p.m. (Bilingual)


Animacion Pastoral

Animacion Pastoral

Meetup Date

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Verano Misionero

Verano Misionero

Meetup Date

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Feeding the Unfortunate

Feeding the Unfortunate.

Meetup Date

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