Baptism is an external sign celebrating the entrance of a person into the Christian community as well as into a particular parish family. Baptism celebrates a new life of faith and initiates the person into a lifestyle of worship, religious education and service to the community.

Baptism Requirements for the Blessed Sacrament

  • Must be Registered at Blessed Sacrament Parish
  • Complete the Baptismal Registration Form
  • Complete the Godparents information
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (child)
  • Copy ID of the Godparents
  • Donation
Requirements to be Godparents as stated in Canon 874 are:
  • Must be at least 16 years of
  • Must be a Baptized Catholic who has completed the sacraments of Eucharist and
  • May not be the parents of the child being
  • If married, must be married in the Catholic Church, regularly attending Mass on Sunday and living their
  • The two godparents do not have to be married to one
  • A baptized non‐catholic may serve as a witness along with a Catholic
  • Non‐baptized persons may not serve as witnesses or

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to baptize my baby at Blessed Sacrament?

By Church law, a priest or Deacon can only celebrate the baptism of persons who are registered in his parish. For an infant or child, the family should be registered. For families from other parishes who wish to have the baptism take place here, a letter from their home parish is required. Parents need to be active church members at least 3 months prior to a Baptism being scheduled. Parents must receive religious instruction (“catechesis”) from the Church concerning the responsibilities of Catholic parenting. We offer this instruction at Blessed Sacrament and both parents and godparents are required to participate. Baptismal dates are scheduled only after the catechesis is completed. This helps to avoid postponements due to complications that prevent parents from being able to attend the scheduled catechesis.

I am a parent. What are my responsibilities?

By Church requirement, parents must give their assurance that the child will be given every benefit of Catholic upbringing. The responsibility of raising the child in the ways of the faith begins immediately with Baptism and extends all the way to adulthood. If parents are not able to make this commitment to the Church community, they should consider delaying the celebration of baptism until they are prepared to undertake these responsibilities.

Baptism Preparation Session for Parents and Godparents

“I will sprinkle clean water upon you and cleanse you from all your impurities.  I will give you a new spirit within you.” Ezekiel 36:25-26


The Baptism of your child is truly something to celebrate!  Baptism preparation classes are offered in both English and Spanish.  It is necessary for parents and godparents to attend a baptism class.  The sessions are meant to help the parents and godparents prepare for and celebrate the baptism of their child in a joyful and meaningful way.

What should I consider when choosing Godparents?

Godparents are chosen by the birth parents to assist them in their Christian parenting. They should, therefore, be models of Christian faith and examples of prayer, worship and Christian practice. The Church does not require two godparents. When there are two, however, there can be only one godmother and one godfather. At least one of the the godparents needs to be a practicing Catholic, at least 16 years of age and Confirmed in the Catholic Church. The other must, however, be of the Christian faith and be active in that faith.

When is the Sacrament of Baptism celebrated for Infants (children)?

The Sacrament of Baptism is administered once a month. The schedule is below.  Baptism may also be scheduled at different times to accommodate travel plans of out of town family members. Baptisms are not scheduled from Ash Wednesday until Holy Saturday, the Lenten Season except in case of emergency (contact either the Faith Formation Office or one of the priests).

What is required to be baptized as an adult?

Specific arrangements are made in advance through the Religious Education Office. Traditionally adults are brought into the Church through the process known as R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). Children over 7 years of age are brought into the Church through the same RICA process adapted for children.

For more information contact the Parish Office.

For more information contact the Parish Office.

Baptisms are not celebrated during Lent, except in an emergency. Special dates and times can be scheduled in extraordinary cases (military service, grandparent and godparent trips). Please contact the Parish Office.

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