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Every single teacher is driven by their love for the Lord to guide the younger generation to desire to learn more about their faith and gain spiritual strength to over come challenges within their life. 



Martha was called on a mission to help this catechism program and is pouring her heart to help the community build a foundation to grow as a whole. Martha strives every single day to create a heart-warming community who feels welcomed and be able to call Blessed Sacrament / St. John Bosco a home.



Hi! My name is Jennifer Mejia and I teach Confirmation at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. I am also the youth group leader along with my husband, Christian. We have 2 beautiful girls and a dog named Manchas. I first came into the Catholic Church in 2006 via the RCIA program for Catholic conversion. I have been teaching faith formation for about 3 years. I love connecting with teens and helping them to connect with Christ. It is important that they walk with Jesus in this stage of life because they make so many decisions that can affect their future. Outside of church, I work as healthcare provider at a local hospital. I love to travel, go to the beach, and watch movies. My favorite foods are pizza, Mexican food, and cheesecake!



Mi nombre es Juana Madrigal, tengo 39 años, casada hace 15 años, tengo 4 bellos hijos y vengo de la ciudad SAN Jose de Médico. Me gusta mucho ir a la playa a caminar y compartir con mi familia. Soy católica por herencia de mis padres, me gustan los principios basados en la palabra del Señor. Llevo 6 años cómo catequista en Blessed Sacrament y 5 en mi anterior parroquia. Me ha gustado y disfruto ser discípula De Dios enseñando cómo los apóstoles. Mi experiencia está en los grados de Kinder, pre comunión, primera comunión y grupos de padres.

Cristian H.


My name is Cristian Huayta and I am the Pre-Confirmation class teacher. I have been a member of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Brandon since 2012. This will be my 3rd year teaching this class. I am very excited about this year, 2020-2021, and look forward to meeting you and learning together.



Mi nombre es Carlos A. Paz Gaona. Naci en Leon Gto. Mexico. LLegue a este pais en el 1995. Soy felizmente casado, con tres hijas, 8 nietos aqui y tres en el cielo y una princesa por llegar. El llamado de Dios en mi vida llego a los 36 años de edad para de ahi en adelante poner en practica su palabra y amor con los demas, desde entonces dedico mi vida para El y para los demas ,especialmente compartiendo sus enseñanzas y doctrina de nuestra madre iglesia con los demas . Me encanta el Hablar de sus maravillas y el gozo de vivir bajo su Reynado dentro de nosotros peregrinos en este viaje de la vida terrenal. Actualmente se me a dado la tarea de dar la clase de RCIA (RICA) [Rito de Iniciasion Cristiana]. Desde hace 2 a 3 años llevando a cabo esta labor. Siempre agradicido con Dios pues El me ha dado todo y soy quien soy gracias a El Desde la vida por medio de mi madre y padre :hasta como esposo,padre,abuelo,amigo, trabajador y simplemente en todo.


Little Shepherd Assistant

My name is Gretchen Diaz and I am an assistant in the Pre-Communion and Pre-Confirmation class. I was born in Puerto Rico, but live in Florida since 2003. I am a member of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and of the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Brandon since 2012. This is my first year working with the Catechists team. My son, Anderson is attending Pre-Communion class this year as well so I look forward to a great year of learning together.


Little Shepherd

Natalia mission is for every single person to have access to the teachings of Jesus through the catechism.


Grades 3-4-5-6

Josie enjoys to teach the young kids about God and his wonderous wonders.


First Communion

Trisha is passionate to guide and teach about the meaning of the Eucharist and the importance of the Communion.


RCIA Confirmation

Iris recognizes its never too late to accept the Lord in one's lives. Iris gives effort to transfer the love of Jesus to her students.


Pre-Communion Assistant

Karla knows the importance of God in everyone's lives and gives her heart for the children to receive the Lord in their soul and learn to love him as she does.

Cristian M.

Confirmation Assistant

Cristian M is also one of the leaders of this church. Cristian's heart is filled with the love of Jesus and transmits the love through actions in the community. The Lord has changed his life for the better and has committed to build and evolve this church for his community who he calls Family.

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